The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

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By deciphering the genetic programs of neurons of the cerebral cortex, Swiss and Belgian researchers unravel the mechanisms controlling the genesis of cells in one of the most essential parts of our brain. The cortex is a complex brain region Read more…

Affiliated member : Nicolas Toni

Nicolas Toni

“Adult neurogenesis : at the root of psychiatric illnesses” With a background in fundamental neuroscience, Nicolas Toni’s research may be successful in detecting a link between neurogenesis and psychiatric illnesses. Memory is an area that has always fascinated Nicolas Toni: it Read more…

Affiliated member : Stefan Kaiser

Stefan Kaiser

“Psychiatry : incorporating the biological, social and psychological sciences” Stefan Kaiser became an affiliated member of Synapsy in March 2018, one year after taking up the position of head of the HUG’s Adult Psychiatry Division and following his appointment as a Read more…

Affiliated member : Manuel Mameli

Manuel Mameli

Giving clinicians all the tools they need Manuel Mameli’s research is devoted to identifying the neural circuits involved in motivation. Here he explains how he sees his role as a neuroscientist helping to advance psychiatric clinical research. Manuel Mameli is Read more…

Affiliated member : Nadia Micali

Nadia Micali

“Research isn’t the icing on the cake, it’s an integral part of clinical work” Nadia Micali was appointed head of HUG’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department in late 2017, joining Synapsy in her role as a clinician-researcher immediately afterwards. Her Read more…