The main goal of Synapsy is to bring together neuroscience and psychiatry and for that purpose promoting a new generation of psychiatrists with neuroscience skills.
In order to achieve this goal, two specific programs have then been set up :



Since 2012, Synapsy supports scholarships aimed at young psychiatrists with an interest –but no experience– in research.
The Departments of Psychiatry organize positions where trainees work 50% as a clinician and 50% in a Synapsy lab.
Synapsy organizes rotations in order for these clinicians to work in the clinical domain on which the research is based, and to promote a good blend between clinical and research work.
Synapsy has already supported four (incl. three women) candidates for this program.
This program also provides candidates for the “Clinician-scientist program” (below).



The aim of this program is to allow outstanding clinicians to develop a research profile in neuroscience connected with psychiatric issues.
Since the beginning of Synapsy, five promising young clinicians have benefited from the program, one of them, Prof. Alexandre Dayer having now been appointed Associate Professor of Psychiatric Neuroscience at the University of Geneva.
Two of the five beneficiaries of the program are women.


To carry out these two programs, Synapsy collaborates closely with the Chairmen of the departments of psychiatry in Geneva and Lausanne. This is to ensure that the careers of these scientific clinicians can evolve in an environment conducive to their academic progression.
Interested in joining one of these program ? Please contact Synapsy’s Manager : Anouchka Junod.