The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

The insular cortex processes pain and drives learning from pain


Neurons and their synapses in the mouse brain.  © Aiste Baleisyte, EPFL Neuroscientists at EPFL have discovered an area of the brain, the insular cortex, that processes painful experiences and thereby drives learning from aversive events. Acute pain, e.g. hitting Read more…

BMI Seminar – Camilla Bellone

15-MAY / BMI SEMINAR @ EPFL By Camilla Bellone, Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva “Role of reward system in social behaviour: implications for Autism Spectrum Disorders” TIME : 12:15 – 13:15 LOCATION : EPFL, Lausanne, SV 1717 Organization : EPFL-SV, Read more…

A Swiss network brings stress researchers together


In an effort to promote stress research in Switzerland, Professors Carmen Sandi (EPFL Brain Mind Institute) and Dominique de Quervain (University of Basel) have founded, a network of over 30 renowned scientists from Swiss universities working in different areas Read more…