The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

A gene to better understand autism and schizophrenia

Claudia Bagni’s laboratory, Synapsy member and director of the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences of the University of Lausanne, published a “Nature Communications” paper demonstrating that an alteration of the CYFIP1 gene in mice leads to a disruption of connections between Read more…

A synaptic perspective of intellectual disabilities


Synapsy researcher Claudia Bagni, Professor of Neuroscience and Head of the Department of Basic Neurosciences at the University of Lausanne, publishes a review on synaptopathies in the journal Neuron with her colleague Suzanne Zukins from the Albert Einstein College of Read more…

ASD : Protein synthesis as a possible biomarker

Eleonora Rosina

Eleonora Rosina   Highlight from the Bagni’s Lab Genes encoding for proteins involved in synaptic protein synthesis seem to contribute to the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders. They are now suspected as early biomarkers. Eleonora Rosina, a PhD student in Read more…

Women in science – Equal gender opportunities

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Equal Gender Opportunities New Synapsy Perspectives During the first and second phases of NCCR-Synapsy, several practical actions for the advancement of women were realized, inter alia, via a fruitful collaboration with EPFL’s Equal Opportunities Office. Synapsy’s management has now transferred Read more…

Gender equality from a European perspective: myth and reality

sex ratio in Europe 2016

Population: sex ratio in europe 2016 In the past 50 years, significant progress in women’s equality has been made worldwide. Western countries, particularly European countries, have implemented initiatives to attain a more gender-balanced workforce with the introduction of family friendly Read more…

Pavoncella Award for Female Creativity 2017 to Claudia Bagni

Claudia Bagni Pavoncella Prize 2017

In June 2017, Claudia Bagni received the Pavoncella Award for the Scientific Creativity for her research work on synaptic plasticity and neurodevelopmental disorders. The prize reward Italian and non-Italian women around the world for their creativity and excellence in art, Read more…

Is everything decided in childhood?

claudia bagni portrait

Meeting with Claudia Bagni, Head of the UNIL Department of Fundamental Neuroscience, whose inaugural lecture will take place during the Brain Awareness Week 2017 (program pdf). Without knowing why, it is often said that everything is decided in childhood. Claudia Read more…

Claudia Bagni, new UNIL-DNF Director

claudia bagni portrait

Claudia Bagni has been nominated full Professor at the University of Lausanne on the first of July. She is officially Head of the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF >). UNIL News < Back to NEWS & AWARDS page

2016 Ernest Solvay prize for Prof. Claudia Bagni

Claudia Bagni QEMF award

Prof. Claudia Bagni has been awarded the Ernest Solvay prize for 2016 by Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation, for the project “CYFIP1-pathies: shared pathways in intellectual disabilities and psychiatric disorders”. Q.E.M.F for Neurosciences webpage > < Back to NEWS & AWARDS Read more…