The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Gender equality from a European perspective: myth and reality

sex ratio in Europe 2016

Population: sex ratio in europe 2016

In the past 50 years, significant progress in women’s equality has been made worldwide. Western countries, particularly European countries, have implemented initiatives to attain a more gender-balanced workforce with the introduction of family friendly policies, by trying to narrow the gender pay gap and by promoting women’s career progression. In academia, however, fewer women reach top leadership positions than those in the political arena. These findings suggest that academia needs to carefully evaluate why these new
policies have not been very effective. In this NeuroView, we report on the progress made in higher education, the shortcomings, and how new initiatives hold great promise for improving gender equality in academia around the globe.

Complete article by Claudia Bagni and Patricia Salinas published in NEURON >

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