The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

A synaptic perspective of intellectual disabilities


Synapsy researcher Claudia Bagni, Professor of Neuroscience and Head of the Department of Basic Neurosciences at the University of Lausanne, publishes a review on synaptopathies in the journal Neuron with her colleague Suzanne Zukins from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

The two researchers review evidence from the literature that fragile X syndrome, autism and other intellectual disabilities are diseases of the synaptic structure. Although clinically and genetically distinct, these diseases have several comorbidities, suggesting that some molecular and cellular pathways are the same. The article focuses its attention on mRNA since it is central to the various mechanisms regulating the structure of the synapse and the efficiency of its transmission.

To be read in the 20 March 2019 edition of the journal Neuron  .

Author : AJ-Synapsy
illustration : ©

Reference :
Bagni C1, Zukin RS2.
A synaptic perspective of Fragile X syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Neuron 101(6):1070-1088., March 2019. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.02.041 >

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