The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Re-orchestrating neural networks to counter schizophrenia

Parvalbumin neurons

A three-level study of the synaptic structure, neural network and behavior is particularly helpful for understanding neuropsychiatric diseases, including schizophrenia and patients with 22q11 microdeletion. The structural properties of neurons at the synaptic scale influence their effective and functional connectivity. Read more…

Portrait : 5 questions for Maria Padula

Maria Padula portrait

Maria Padula studied biology at the University of Salento Lecce in Italy before obtaining a master’s degree in neurobiology at the University of Pisa. Maria joined Stephan Eliez’s group in 2013 for her PhD thesis in Neurosciences, which she obtained Read more…

Highlight psychiatry clinical cohort : Perceiving schizophrenia

percieving shcizophrenia diagram

One in every 100 children develops schizophrenia in adulthood. But how can we know which children? Brain-imaging studies performed on the 22q11ds at-risk population provide some preliminary answers. In Switzerland, as elsewhere, one per cent of the general population develops Read more…

The 22q11DS cohort reaches maturity

Stephan Eliez portrait

As Synapsy is addressing 22q11 deletion syndrome and schizophrenia in its seventh Newsletter, the 22q11 cohort is reaching maturity, poised to deliver the fruits of a successful synergy between clinical work and fundamental research. Synapsy looks back at the origins Read more…