The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Link between childhood trauma and symptoms of psychosis

trauma during childhood

Two teams from the CHUV Department of Psychiatry are publishing results indicating the important role of antioxidants in preventing the harmful consequences of childhood trauma in psychosis. The team of Prof. Kim Do, Director of the Centre for Psychiatric Neurosciences Read more…

Identification of a causal mechanism of schizophrenia


The Schizophrenia Research Unit has identified a common genetic mechanism for schizophrenia and autism, which induces impaired cognitive performance of the brain. The Schizophrenia Research Unit (URS) of the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience (Prof. Kim Do-Cuénod) of the CHUV Department Read more…

Antioxidant treatment against schizophrenia

Metal oxidated

A joint team between the Lausanne CHUV and Harvard American University paves the way for a new neuroprotective treatment for schizophrenia. Three questions to Kim Do, head of the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience at the CHUV-Prilly: You have successfully tested Read more…

Regulating the brain’s redox state to prevent schizophrenia

brain redox

Kim Q. Do’s group show that cell-specific regulation of redox state balances critical periods of brain plasticity; essential as disruption of natural critical periods in brain development may be at the root of schizophrenia. Prof. Kim Q. Do’s team from Read more…

Antioxidants to reduce schizophrenia risk

apples step of oxidation

In an article published in Neuron, Kim Do and her group reveal that deficits related to schizophrenia can be corrected by protecting a specific group of vulnerable neurons from oxidative stress. Prof. Kim Do’s lab from the Centre for Psychiatric Read more…