The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Lactate triggers genes that modify brain activity

Fluorescent neurons

Fluorescently labeled neuronal dendritric ramifications. © KAUST   A genome-wide study led by Pierre Magistretti has shed light on the mechanisms through which lactate, a product of aerobic glycolysis in astrocytes, regulates long-term memory formation and neuroprotection. Specifically, the team found Read more…

Pierre Magistretti wins 2016 IPSEN Neuronal Plasticity prize

Pierre Magistretti Ipsen prize

Professor Pierre Magistretti, from EPFL’s Brain Mind Institute, has been awarded the prestigious IPSEN Neuronal Plasticity prize for 2016. The 2016 Neuronal Plasticity prize is awarded jointly to Professor Pierre Magistretti, and another two world-renowned scientists, Professor David Altwell from Read more…

Modeling the brain’s energy with glia cells (astrocytes)


Glial cells Scientists at EPFL, KAUST and UCL have created the first computer model of the metabolic coupling between neuron and glia, an essential feature of brain function. Confirming previous experimental data, the model is now being integrated into the Read more…