The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Identification of a behavioral and neural signature of trait anxiety related to differences in effortful motivated behavior

The combined expertise of Carmen Sandi and Christoph Michel’s labs allowed to better understand the neurological basis of trait anxiety, a risk factor for the development of neuropsychiatric diseases. Trait anxiety is a personality dimension related to the extent to Read more…

Using high-density EEG source imaging to detect subcortical electrophysiological activity

Ch-Michel EEG

256-channel scalp EEG and source imaging Subcortical neuronal activity is important in mediating communication in large-scale brain networks. While EEG recordings provide appropriate temporal resolution and coverage to study whole brain dynamics, the feasibility to detect subcortical signals is unclear. Read more…

Charles Quairiaux awarded by the Swiss League Against Epilepsy


The research grant 2017 from the Swiss League Against Epilepsy goes to Dr. Charles Quairiaux, Dr. Abbas Khani and Prof. Christoph Michel of the Department of Basic Neurosciences of the University of Geneva for their project entitled: “Decreasing susceptibility of Read more…