The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

2016 Koetser Award to Christian Lüscher

Christian Lüscher Koetser prize 2016

The Betty and David Koetser Foundation for research on the brain rewards this year Christian Lüscher, Professor at the Department of fundamental neurosciences of the Faculty of Medicine at UNIGE (his group web page).

Professor Lüscher, a specialist of neural mechanisms underlying addiction and obsessive compulsive disorders, uses innovative techniques such as optogenetics to better understand these diseases and offer innovative therapeutic strategies. The Koetser Price 2016 recognizes the excellence of its research and its pioneering approach.

The Koetser Foundation supports basic and clinical research in neurology and neurosciences, particularly in the field of movement disorders and neuropsychology. The Foundation also works to enhance exchanges between basic research and clinical application.

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