The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Antioxidants to heal the brain in psychosis?

Boosting the brain

The Centre for Psychiatric Neuroscience and the CHUV-Department of General Psychiatry have just published the results of a study suggesting the protective effects of antioxidant treatment on the brains of young adults suffering from psychosis. For several years, the Centre Read more…

FBM 2016 Grant to Philipp Baumann (et al.)

Philipp Baumann, Pascal Steullet (basic neuroscience) and Meritxel Bach Cuadra (bioengineering) are the happy beneficiaries of the 2016 FBM Interdisciplinary Grant of CHF 200’000 for their research : “Thalamus abnormalities : towards biomarkers in early psychosis”. The Faculty of Biology Read more…

2016 Leenaards Grant to Philipp Baumann

Philipp Baumann Leenards prize 2016

The Leenaards grant for clinic continuation wishes to promote academic careers in clinical medicine within the Biological and Medical Faculty of the Lausanne University. These grants allow doctors to combine medical and academic practice. Fondation Leenards > < Back to Read more…