The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Amputees consider their prosthetic limb is an extension of their own body

prosthetic arm

Merely having the prosthetic limb is not enough to assist the amputees with their activities. Many amputees skip the extended use of their prosthetic limb as their misplaced limb does not meet the criteria of their prosthesis. This actually means that Read more…

Advanced artificial limbs mapped in the brain

Artificial arm

EPFL scientists from the Center for Neuroprosthetics have used functional MRI to show how the brain re-maps motor and sensory pathways following targeted muscle and sensory reinnervation (TMSR), a neuroprosthetic approach where residual limb nerves are rerouted towards intact muscles Read more…

Full body illusion is associated with a drop in skin temperature

ghost limb

Researchers from the Center for Neuroprosthetics at the EPFL show that people can be tricked into feeling that an image of a human figure -an avatar- is their own body. The study is published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Read more…