The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Caring touch helps premature brains mature

Caring touch

Every year 15 million preterm infants are born, and most spend their first weeks in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Although essential for the support and survival of these infants, the sensory environment of a NICU is dramatically different from Read more…

Jan Cabungcal awarded by SSBP Young Investigator

Jan Cabungcal SSBP award

The Young Investigator Award 2015 of the Swiss Society of Biological Psychiatry has been awarded to Jan Cabungcal. Dr. Jan Cabungcal, member of Prof. Kim Do team has been rewarded by the SSBP Young Investigator Award 2015. He received the Read more…

Effectiveness of multisensory teaching methods demonstrated

multisensory brain

The research team lead by Micah Murray, project leader of the NCCR-Synapsy and professor at the University of Lausanne, has shown that your memory abilities can be predicted by how easily you put together auditory and visual information. Imagine you Read more…

Micah Murray is awarded the Research Prize of the Swiss Brain League

micah murray hirnliga award 2014

Profs. Magistretti and Murray The 2014 Research Prize of the Swiss Brain League (Hirnliga) is awarded to Prof. Micah M. Murray (UNIL-CHUV) and to Prof. Christoph S. Herrmann (University of Oldenburg, Germany). Vision, and perception more generally, should not be Read more…