The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases

Kathryn Hess, a born mathematician

Kathryn Hess-Bellwald

Professor at EPFL, Kathryn Hess Bellwald, puts into practice her discipline, the topology, to better understand how the brain works. She is also committed to the promotion of female science careers. Full article in Le Temps FR > < Back to NEWS Read more…

Your brain’s connections exist in 8 dimensions

brain connections

How can we understand the insanely complex mess of information that’s constantly buzzing inside our brain? With 100 billion neurons in the average human brain, and 100 trillion connections between them, there isn’t an easy answer. Neuroscientists today use MRIs Read more…

The brain is full of multi-dimensional geometrical structures

Brain analysis

A team of researchers from the Swiss Blue Brain Project — a group focusing on supercomputer-powered reconstruction of the human brain — have used a classic branch of maths in a completely new way to better understand the structure of our brains. Read more…

Scientists discover hidden patterns of brain activity

brain activity

In a collaboration led by EPFL’s Blue Brain, scientists discover patterns of brain activity – never before observed – with the help of mathematics, providing insight into how neurons collectively process information. Brains of healthy rats that are the same Read more…

A new tool for discovering nanoporous materials


EPFL scientists have developed a mathematical “face-recognition” method for identifying and discovering nanoporous materials based on their pore size. Materials classified as “nanoporous” have structures (or “frameworks”) with pores up to 100 nm in diameter. These include diverse materials used in different Read more…

Fellows of the American Mathematical Society 2017

Kathryn Hess

Kathryn Hess Bellwald -professor at the BMI at EPFL– is among the 65 mathematical scientist from around the world who have been named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2017. She has been elected for her contributions to Read more…