The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases


Scientific publications from members of the Synapsy community in peer-reviewed journals.

*Equal contribution in each publication, accordingly.

Heck A, Vogler C, Gschwind L, Ackermann S, Auschra B, Spalek K, Rasch B, de Quervain D, Papassotiropoulos A;
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The relationship of violent fathers, posttraumatically stressed mothers and symptomatic children in a preschool-age inner-city pediatrics clinic sample.
Journal of Interpersonal Violence 26(18):3699-3719, Dec 2011. doi:10.1177/0886260511403747 >

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Reversal of cocaine-evoked synaptic potentiation resets drug-induced adaptive behaviour.
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A disinhibitory microcircuit for associative fear learning in the auditory cortex.
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Excess of serotonin affects neocortical pyramidal neuron migration.
Translational Psychiatry 1:e47, Oct 2011. doi:10.1038/tp.2011.49 >

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Impaired early visual response modulations to spatial information in chronic schizophrenia.
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Local Ca(2+) detection and modulation of synaptic release by astrocytes.
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Quality of attachment, perinatal risk, and mother-infant interaction in a high-risk premature sample.
Infant Mental Health Journal 32(3):305-318, May 2011. doi:10.1002/imhj.20298 >

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