The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases



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29 November

Happy Hours at the CMU

Sam Legier (from SamSpeaksScience) was a guest speaker and gave a talk on ‘Overcoming the Challenges of the Scientific Presentation’.

The talk led to some interesting exchanges afterwards.

There were about 30 participants.

Complete program >>

29/30 November

Careers in Science


22 November

Synapsy’s Happy Hours at the CHUV


24/26 October

Frontiers in Metabolism

EPFL – Lausanne

23 October

Symposium in Honor of Pierre Magistretti

Pierre Magistretti portrait

EPFL – Lausanne

28 September

Farewell Symposium by François Ansermet

CMU – Geneva

28 September

Conference : “EEG microstates and their modulation in neuropsychiatric disorders” by Christoph Michel

Christoph Michel portrait

HUG – Geneva

20/21 September

Synapsy’s Site Visit by the SNSF

Campus Biotech – Geneva

18/20 September

RedBrain Conference

red brain

Campus Biotech – Geneva

15 September

Symposium in Honour of Prof. Stylianos Antonarakis

Campus Biotech – Geneva

13/15 September

Congrès Annuel SSPP

annual SSPP

Kursaal – Bern

7 September

Seminar by Pierre Magistretti

DNF-CHUV – Lausanne

4/5 September

BMI Conference “Degenaration of Neuronal Circuits”

BMI sept2017

Rolex Center – EPFL – Lausanne

2 September

Symposium in Honour of Prof. François Ansermet

HUG – Geneva

9/11 July

ESCAP Conference


Prof. Stephan Eliez, president of ESCAP looks back on the event (pdf >)

ESCAP auditorium

28 May to 2 June

Frontiers of Sience Conference

GRC Conference

Les Diablerets

Synapsy Symposium

29 May

Mini-Symposium in Neuroscience

CMU – Geneva

18 May

Synapsy’s Happy Hours

CMU – Geneva

Theme of “Autism & 22q11(program (pdf) >)

There has been a very good participations and interactions, both from Synapsy members and non-members. About 30 people attended and we received very good feedback.

Our guest speaker, Nicolas Hurni from Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research, made an interesting talk about SAKK’s role in bridging the gap between the clinics and basic science.

There were also very interesting discussions including a possibility of Synapsy collaboration in view of mood disorders by Tania Rhis.

Happy Hours 18-May-2017 (2)
Nicolas Hurni presenting
Happy Hours 18-May-2017
Thomas Marissal presenting
Happy Hours 18-May-2017 (3)

28 April

Cerveaux sous stress : faut-il s’en soucier ?

Academie Valais
brochure bon stress cover
Download the brochure (FR - pdf) >
Audience in Monthey
Approx. 450 students from Sion joined

7 April

Bertarelli Annual Symposium

Campus Biotech – Geneva

22 March to 2 April

14è Journées de la Schizophrénie

Campus Biotech – Geneva

With «Des sons dans la tête (Sounds in the head)», the 14th Edition of Journées de la Schizophrénie (JDS) has invited itself into music places to change the look of people on a sickness that affects 1 over 100 persons.
The opening of the exhibition of Romain Billette “Peintures insoumises” at Ergasia, the exhibition site in Cery, has launched this edition. Plus, “Musiques insoumises” from Louis Billette Quintet has nicely echoed the exhibition by associating jazz & schizophrenia at the EJMA.
The Cully Jazz, JDS new partner, has suggested an evening “Vinylculture” under the theme Jazz & Madness. Music has been heard in several places around the Canton Vaud, like in Morges with a “drawn-concert”: a dialog between electronic music and hand-drawing, with Hélène Becquelin.

These numerous animations, as well as all the organized meetings within institutions and on street markets have been very successful. This success has also reached our website, intensely visited, and the JDS Facebook page which activity has noticeably augmented.

Full program (FR) > >

31 March to 1 April

Synapsy’s Annual Meeting

DNF-CHUV – Lausanne

17 March

LWiN Breakfast Meeting

lwin event

CMU – Geneva

The theme “Dual career couples: problem or opportunity?” has been illustrated by presentations from V. Schwitzgebel & C. Lüscher and L. & M. Williams.

13/19 March

Semaine du Cerveau

The Brain Awareness Week is a week of events for all audiences that take place every year in several cities in Switzerland (and around the world). Members of the Synapsy community are invited to speaks during one or more of these conferences.

Lausanne 2017 Program >
Geneva 2017 Program >

8 March

Synapsy’s Happy Hours

CNP – Lausanne

“Biomarkers in psychiatry”

The CHUV department of psychiatry was well represented by speakers coming from the different services and units, including the center for psychiatric neuroscience (CNP), the mood and personality disorder unit as well as the schizophrenia spectrum disorder unit.

We were given an overview (20′ presentation +10′ for Q&A) of new biomarker candidates for diagnostic and response to treatment in psychosis, but also mood and personality disorders.

Antoine Klauser, our guest from the centre for biomedical imaging in Geneva (CIBM-UNIGE) introduced a new technical development using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to produce images of brain metabolites. His presentation raised a lot of interest among different groups working at CHUV and will most likely give rise to new collaboration between Geneva and Lausanne.

Happy Hours 17-March-17 (2)
Antoine Klauser presenting
Happy Hours 17-March-17 (3)
Happy Hours 17-March-17
Margot Fournier presenting

19 January

Synapsy’s Happy Hours

CMU – Geneva

Our guest speaker, Romain Daniel Gosselin, gave a very interesting talk “Make science reproducibility great again ! A handful of good practices in biostatistics (for non-statisticians)“.

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